My next coding side-project is another WordPress plugin. After posting some photos of my breadboard, I decided it would be nice to have a way to add notes to those photos. The current solution is Mbedr which I’m not happy with because it requires that the photos be hosted on Flickr and makes a call to Mbedr’s web server.

Take a look at the PhotoNotes project page to see my progress so far. It’s not yet saving any changes to the database but having some working display code means that I’m half way there.

About Takaitra

Matthew is a software engineer for Amazon's Cloud Drive team working with mobile apps and Android. He also has experience as a Java EE developer developer at Cargill, the University of St. Thomas, and Enclarity and had the opportunity to teach a semester of Web Management as an adjunct faculty member at UST. His interests include motorcycling, jogging, photography, small electronics and traveling. He lives in Seattle, Washington with his beautiful wife and daughter.

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