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Natalie Update

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Tuesday – I couldn’t find my wallet and cell phone in my work pants. I had draped them over the side of the baby crib which I sometimes do before I hang them up. After a quick look around the apartment, I called my phone. I found that Natalie had stolen it out of its pocket!

Thursday – Natalie can now crawl slowly…backward. It was really frustrating for her to try to crawl to mommy and daddy only to keep scooting further and further away.

Also on Tuesday, Tally and I dressed up and headed to The W Hotel which was hosting a free cocktail event hosted by (rī)1 whiskey. We didn’t know anyone there of course but I loved the free drinks and food. As it was an invite-only event, I also had a perverse pleasure in being “on the list.” That probably sounds childish but I had fun feeling special for a night.

Birthday Week

I am now a quarter century old. Before I know it, I’ll be 30 and life will be basically over! I’m kidding, I know I’m still young but hitting a milestone like this definitely makes me think about how I got to where I am and wonder about what lies ahead. On Wednesday, Tally, Natalie, me and some friends spent the evening at The Happy Gnome. It was great to see everyone and I think they enjoyed getting to hold Natalie. On Saturday, a few of us headed to the warehouse district for some dancing. Overall, it was a busy but fun week. My thanks go out to my sweetheart Tally who planned it all (although I am bummed I never saw my balloon ;-).

Natalie’s little personality is starting to show more every day. Some firsts of the last few weeks is that she got her first tooth and went swimming at the pool. She has a baby walker both at our apartment and at my parents and she loves pushing herself around in them. This coming Wednesday, she’ll be 8 months old.

Natalie’s Baptism

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On Saturday, baby Natalie was baptized at Nativity Lutheran. I was nervous to have Natalie, Tally and me sitting in the front row and as the center of attention but it was a beautiful service and everything went well. One thing that Nativity did which I think is special is gave Natalie a wooden chest to put keepsakes in. It’s beautifully hand-made and I’m going to try and track down whoever made it to thank them. Many family and friends from both my and Tally’s side of the family came–I would say around 40 people in total. There was a reception at the church afterward with Davanni’s hoagies (yum) among other things. Thanks are due to my mom, Karen, and Mary who helped with the big task of setting up the reception and cleaning up afterward. Also thanks to everyone for your well-wishes and support, whether you were there or not.

Natalie’s Checkup

Tally brought Natalie in yesterday for her two-month checkup. She now weighs 10 pounds 9 ounces and is 22 inches long. The poor baby had to put up with three shots in her thighs. She of course was screaming after that and it took 10 minutes for Tally to calm her down again.

Last weekend Natalie was able to meet Santa Claus for the first time at my dad’s work’s Christmas party. She seemed fine with it but we were all joking that next year, when she realizes she’s being held by a big guy in a funny suit with a giant beard, she’ll probably cry.

This medicine is an antiflatulent used to treat gas pain.

I ran a 5k yesterday along with more than 700 of my Cargill coworkers in the 5th annual Turkey Trek. I did jog a few times this summer but I was definitely slowing down around the 4k mark. I finished with a time of 29′ 58″ which I’m happy with. I’ll make it a goal to practice for next year’s race and bring that down. My cousins recently trained for and completed a marathon in Chicago which makes me look like a weakling in comparison but I don’t mind because that goes for just about everyone else too =).

Natalie has been acting up somewhat more in the last few weeks, keeping Tally and me up. Sometimes she continues to cry or whine when she has a clean diaper, is fed, burped and is being held which is so frustrating because we don’t know what else she could want. I think part of it is due to an upset stomach for which the doctor suggested we switch to soy formula and give her an antiflatulent (hehe) called simethicone.

Baby and Rock Band

Natalie’s due date was today but since she was a bit early she turns three weeks old tomorrow. It’s hard to believe she’s been with us only that little while, it seems like she’s been a part of the family forever. It could be because she is so darn cute, I already can’t imagine life without her. Or, maybe it’s because of all the sleepless nights I’ve had lately =).

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In other news, Tally and I ran out and bought Rock Band 2 on Tuesday. It was expensive but there are a lot of songs on there that we both like. It’s also a game that we can play together and something fun to do when friends come over. We’ve already played a few “gigs” and are on our way toward virtual fame with me as lead guitarist and Tally as the drummer. We need a singer, is anyone game?

She only poos for Matthew.

So I’ve pawned the baby off onto Matt for an hour or two. I’ve been constantly watching her since Monday. This is a much-needed break from the world of motherhood. I’m enjoying a glass of wine and hoping to catch an episode of “Mad Men.” Matt is on the couch with Natalie. She has been fed and diapered, so I have no reason to feel guilty, lol.

We have a few updates to share:

1. Saturday we went to the dealership and found a car. It’s a red ’09 Corolla S. I feel as if I’m driving a rental, but I love this car.

2. Natalie’s bilirubin level decreased dramatically. It went from 14.6 to 7 in 3 days, without the use of her biliblanket. We finally get to rid ourselves of that hassle. She hated it!

Well, I’m going to catch the show now. I’ll write more when I’m less tired.