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This medicine is an antiflatulent used to treat gas pain.

I ran a 5k yesterday along with more than 700 of my Cargill coworkers in the 5th annual Turkey Trek. I did jog a few times this summer but I was definitely slowing down around the 4k mark. I finished with a time of 29′ 58″ which I’m happy with. I’ll make it a goal to practice for next year’s race and bring that down. My cousins recently trained for and completed a marathon in Chicago which makes me look like a weakling in comparison but I don’t mind because that goes for just about everyone else too =).

Natalie has been acting up somewhat more in the last few weeks, keeping Tally and me up. Sometimes she continues to cry or whine when she has a clean diaper, is fed, burped and is being held which is so frustrating because we don’t know what else she could want. I think part of it is due to an upset stomach for which the doctor suggested we switch to soy formula and give her an antiflatulent (hehe) called simethicone.