AMP Cache Update Script

2 min read

I recently read up on the AMP Project and installed the plugin to enable AMP-compatible pages for my blog. A couple weeks later I realized the code snippets in some of my blog posts were formatted incorrectly. I fixed the […]

micro:bit Compass

1 min read

The other day I bought a micro:bit for my daughter. It’s a small computer with bluetooth, an accelerometer, light sensor, magnetometer and temperature sensor. It also has a couple of buttons for input and a matrix of LEDs for output. […]

Running Python CGI Scripts on the Raspberry Pi

3 min read

Python is the language of choice for controlling the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins. It seems only natural then that to interact with your Pi over the web it should run a web server able to handle Python CGI scripts. Following the steps below […]

Automating Rsync Backups to Amazon EC2

2 min read

A while back I wrote about how to perform incremental backups via rsync to an Amazon EC2 instance. The script worked great when run manually from a Python interpreter but I always ran into issues when trying to automate the […]

Backup to AWS EBS via Rsync and Boto 3

4 min read
Update 11/2015: Updated the script to use boto3 and waiters Switched to use the t2.micro instance type with VPC More detailed setup instructions Overview Amazon Web Services Elastic Block Storage provides cheap, reliable storage—perfect for backups. The idea is to temporarily […]

Recaptcha for phpBB3

2 min read

Over the last year, I have had significant issues with spam on the phpBB3 forums that I administer. The recent blog post over at the phpBB site confirmed two things I already suspected: first that I am not alone in […]

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