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Computer, 2001-2009

1 min read

I finally got around to recycling some of the old electronics sitting in my closet by bringing them to the Hennepin County recycling center. I thought I was going to cry when they threw (literally, I’ve never seen a desktop […]

4th of July Weekend

2 min read

[plogphoto id=202] [plogphoto id=206] On Thursday night Tally and I dropped Natalie off at a friend’s and headed over to the Taste of Minnesota. As far as I can remember, it’s my first time there. I always imagined there were […]

Natalie Update

1 min read

[plogphoto id=197] [plogphoto id=198] Tuesday – I couldn’t find my wallet and cell phone in my work pants. I had draped them over the side of the baby crib which I sometimes do before I hang them up. After a […]

Birthday Week

1 min read

I am now a quarter century old. Before I know it, I’ll be 30 and life will be basically over! I’m kidding, I know I’m still young but hitting a milestone like this definitely makes me think about how I […]

Vacation to the West Coast

2 min read

More photos from my vacation are available here. Seattle We took an early flight on April 22 to Seattle. The original plan was to fly into Portland but airfare was $500 more! We were worried about how Natalie would act […]

Easter Weekend

2 min read

I took Thursday off of work due to a bad cold. I think I’m finally starting to feel better so I’m looking forward to the rest of my long weekend. This should tide me over until our vacation to the […]

Natalie’s Baptism

1 min read

[plogphoto id=135] [plogphoto id=136] On Saturday, baby Natalie was baptized at Nativity Lutheran. I was nervous to have Natalie, Tally and me sitting in the front row and as the center of attention but it was a beautiful service and […]

Sioux Falls

1 min read

[plogphoto id=127] [plogphoto id=122] Last Friday, Tally and I left Natalie with my parents and spent the day in Sioux Falls, SD. While we were there, I snapped some shots of the SculptureWalk on Phillips Ave and the mildly frightening […]

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