Natalie’s Baptism

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Natalie’s Baptism

1 min read
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On Saturday, baby Natalie was baptized at Nativity Lutheran. I was nervous to have Natalie, Tally and me sitting in the front row and as the center of attention but it was a beautiful service and everything went well. One thing that Nativity did which I think is special is gave Natalie a wooden chest to put keepsakes in. It’s beautifully hand-made and I’m going to try and track down whoever made it to thank them. Many family and friends from both my and Tally’s side of the family came–I would say around 40 people in total. There was a reception at the church afterward with Davanni’s hoagies (yum) among other things. Thanks are due to my mom, Karen, and Mary who helped with the big task of setting up the reception and cleaning up afterward. Also thanks to everyone for your well-wishes and support, whether you were there or not.

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  • Jennifer March 14, 2009 at 9:33 am

    Hey you guys. Welcome Natalie to the Christian community. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. All our best from Berlin!!!!
    Miss you all.

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