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Motorcycle Garage Door Opener

4 min read

In the past it was a hassle to get off of my motorcycle to key in the garage door code before getting back on the cycle to pull it into the garage. Stashing a garage door opener in my jacket […]

Automating Rsync Backups to Amazon EC2

2 min read

A while back I wrote about how to perform incremental backups via rsync to an Amazon EC2 instance. The script worked great when run manually from a Python interpreter but I always ran into issues when trying to automate the […]

Backup to AWS EBS via Rsync and Boto 3

4 min read
Update 11/2015: Updated the script to use boto3 and waiters Switched to use the t2.micro instance type with VPC More detailed setup instructions Overview Amazon Web Services Elastic Block Storage provides cheap, reliable storage—perfect for backups. The idea is to temporarily […]

List Authors Version 2.0 Released

1 min read

Today I released version 2.0 of the List Authors WordPress widget. The underlying code has in fact existed for quite some time in the form of a patch submitted to WordPress to enhance the abilities of the wp_list_authors template tag. […]


1 min read

My plan to create a PHP/MySQL implementation of my PhotoNotes script was completed sooner than expected thanks to the requests and encouragement I’ve received on the project page. This was the perfect opportunity for me to teach myself some AJAX: […]


1 min read

My next coding side-project is another WordPress plugin. After posting some photos of my breadboard, I decided it would be nice to have a way to add notes to those photos. The current solution is Mbedr which I’m not happy […]

Enhance WordPress wp_list_authors Template Tag

2 min read

As can be seen by some of the comments left on the site, a couple of frequently requested features cannot be added to the List Authors widget because they are not supported by the underlying wp_list_authors template tag. The WordPress […]

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