List Authors

A widget to display a list of authors in your WordPress blog. Includes widget options to configure the features mentioned below. Completely updated to use the new widget API and is multi-widget enabled. Fully XHTML compliant.


The List Authors widget showing two authors along with links to their respective RSS feeds.
The List Authors widget showing the optional RSS feeds.

List Authors Configuration
List Authors Configuration


  • Choose between an HTML list or comma-separated list.
  • Can show number of published author posts.
  • Sort authors by name or by post count.
  • Exclude users below a given post count threshold.
  • Allows administrator to be excluded from the list.
  • Choose between displaying usernames or full names in the list.
  • Can include links to author-specific RSS feeds.

The List Authors plugin is hosted at You can find the latest features list, installation instructions, and install file there.



Small fix for versions of WordPress older than 2.8.


list can be sorted by name or post count
can limit the number of authors listed
can specify a minimum number of posts required before author is displayed in the list


updated to use the new WordPress 2.8 widget API
added the HTML/comma-separated list dropdown
now multi-widget enabled


small fix to make the <img> tag for the RSS link XHTML compliant


initial release

88 thoughts on “List Authors

  1. I just installed this plugin and it looks good, with one exception.

    The names of the authors and the post counts are displayed, but at the bottom one of the author names is repeated, in a form that is not linked from, and does not display a post count.

    How do I get rid of this bottom line?

  2. While it very nicely puts up all the posts by an author when I click on one of the names, the screen sort of explodes – by which I mean that the effect is of zooming in dramatically or having the screen take up 3 times as much space (so it doesn’t fit on the monitor any more).

    I thought it might be a change I made to the theme, but I reinstalled it AND the plug-in, and it still does this. Any ideas?

  3. @Takaitra
    Well I guess this has “newbie” stamped all over it. Thank you very much!
    Can I suggest that you add that to the instructions for all us other guys who don’t know how to do it?


  4. This is a great plugin that has been working well for us for quite some time. However, I want to change some of the default options, but I am having trouble doing so.

    The widget does not seem to be recognizing the options that I enabled; I’m not sure if I’m editing the correct portion of the file or need to change another portion of the file. I am in the list-authors.php file which is listed as active. At the “”$defaults = array” seciton as a test i’ve changed the count function as follows “‘optioncount’ => true”. However, I refresh the page and I don’t see the count of post listed.

    Do I have to Deactivate and Activate for the changes to take effect? Am I not editing the correct portion of the file? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    This is running on WP Version 3.2.1.

    Thank you greatly,

    1. Hi JD,
      You don’t need to edit the widget source code to show the number of published posts next to each author–the widget config has a checkbox called “Show number of published posts.” All you need to do is check that box and click save.
      To get to the widget configuration, click on Appearance then Widgets. Click the small arrow next to the widget name to show its options.
      List Authors Screenshot

  5. Hi Takaitra,

    This is a very useful widget, and we have been using it on our site for a while now.

    There was a question I had, however. How do we get the RSS Feed image to show before the name of the author? I would prefer it to be displayed that way, since otherwise the alignment doesn’t seem right…. how to go about it?

    Hoping to hear from you regarding this soon…


    1. Hi Arnab,
      The widget always puts the RSS feed image after the author name but if you’re handy with PHP, you can edit the code to place it in front instead. Find the file list-authors.php in your /wp-content/plugins/list-authors/ directory. The image is added to each list item on line 230 of the file. You would need to move that code so that it appears before the author name is output.

  6. This looks like a great plugin.

    Is there a way to show just the most recent authors? For example, list the last 6 authors that have written most recently?



  7. When visitors click on the author name in the sidebar widget it the page that displays loses all formatting and looks weird. Is there a workaround for this in the works?

    1. Hi Frank,

      This is almost certainly an issue with your WordPress theme and not with List Authors–all my plugin does is link the user to your author-specific archive page. Please check that your theme has an Archive page (archive.php) and that it contains the correct markup and styling.

  8. Hello:

    My widget does not position correctly on the side bar. Could you please provide code which I can paste directly on the sidebar — to produce the author list with post counts and an rss image for each author.

    Greatly appreciate your assistance.

    Note: currently, I am using this:

    **** php list_authors(TRUE, TRUE, TRUE); ****

    Which displays the list of authors + Number of posts for each author.

    1. Hi James,

      You can use the wp_list_authors function to place the list wherever you like. In your case, a call like

      <?php wp_list_authors( 'optioncount=1&feed_image='.LISTAUTHORS_URL.'feed-icon-14x14.png&feed=RSS feed'); ?>

      should work.

  9. Great stuff.
    I’m looking for exactly what you’ve done here but with a bit more functionality
    + pull down menu from the 3.2.x (+) header menu

    is this something that you could do -willing to donate to the cause 🙂

    Thanks much

  10. Hi

    Where is the hard coding for the feed name please? I changed my username on wordpress from Eli to Damian. It has changed everywhere else on wordpress but the feed still says eli and not damian.

    Where can I change this please, it isn’t from the plugin I know.



    1. Hi Damian,

      Do you have access to your WordPress database? I suspect that the feed name is on the user_login field of the wp_users table. Change it at your own risk though, I’m not sure what unintended effects it might have.

  11. Sorry, I have a little problem!
    I use co-authors-plus plug-in and I’d like to take into account co-authored posts, in the widget of list-author.
    I’ve found this instruction:

    “Note that as of this writing, WordPress does provide a means of extending wp_list_authors(), so included in this plugin is the function coauthors_wp_list_authors() modified to take into account co-authored posts; the same arguments are accepted.”

    But it doesn’t work. Can you help me, please?

  12. This is a great plugin. I’ve been using it for awhile without any trouble. Now I am adding it to a new site that is a little different. We post (long) articles on pages (not as posts). The right people are listed as the author of the page, but it seems pages are not included. Is it possible to add this? Thanks very much!

    1. Since you asked nicely, I could probably have it done within a couple weeks. =) I’ll make sure to send you an email so you’re the first to know it’s available.

    1. That’s not possible in the current version but you’re not the first person to request that feature. I’ll try to include the option to include Gravatars in the next version.

  13. Hi Takaitra,
    I don’t undestand this Error message: “Fatal error: Call to undefined method: wpdb->get_blog_prefix() in /web/htdocs/ on line 88”.

  14. This plugin is exactly what I was looking for. I have been developing a theme that traditionally had the list of authors in the navigation bar, and this plugin is helping me to replace that with widgets. I’m including a note to use your plugin for the same functionality in my theme.


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