A huge thanks to the random guy at Bruegger’s.

Here’s the story:

I go into Bruegger’s Bagels to order a Cinnamon Sugar bagel with cream cheese. As I’m waiting for my bagel, an older fella walks up to me and says, “Oh, so you have a little one on the way?” Caught completely off-guard, I look down at my tummy and respond, “Oh, I had one a few weeks ago.” He then points to his own tummy and asks, “Oh, so you still…,” before I decide to cut him off with, “Yeah, it’s still going down.” It was obvious he didn’t know what to say (although he should have apologized), and he asked whether I had a boy or a girl. I answered that I had had a girl. He congratulated me and then walked out the door. I just stood in awe for about 30secs when the cashier handed over my bagel. I quickly said, “Thanks,” and rushed out the door.

And just so this is clear to everyone, before this incident I was already quite aware of the small pouch (or so I thought) that sits where my waist used to be.

Also, I want to add that I forgive that man. I know he wasn’t trying to insult me. I’m sure he really did believe I was a few months pregnant. But for Pete’s sake, he could have apologized!

P.S. If I weren’t against littering, I’d have tossed the damn bagel out the car window!

P.P.S. And yes, I ate it.

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