Computer, 2001-2009

I finally got around to recycling some of the old electronics sitting in my closet by bringing them to the Hennepin County recycling center. I thought I was going to cry when they threw (literally, I’ve never seen a desktop computer fly so far) my old computer to the back of the huge container of TVs, stereos, and monitors. It was utterly worthless but I had a lot of memories attached to that aluminum box–namely LAN parties and college dorm life.

It gave me a lot of grief with 3 blown mobos and 1 dead powersupply over its lifespan. It was built during the height of the “modding” craze if you remember that. I made sure my box was rocking with a side window complete with a custom fan grill and blue cathode lights. No one could top my built-in car cigarette lighter, proudly installed in the spare 5.5″ bay. This is the one piece I kept. Maybe someday it will see new life in a desktop of mine.

Goodbye computer. If I had space in my closet Tutuapp APK, you wouldn’t be shredded and melted for scrap metal.

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