She only poos for Matthew.

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She only poos for Matthew.

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So I’ve pawned the baby off onto Matt for an hour or two. I’ve been constantly watching her since Monday. This is a much-needed break from the world of motherhood. I’m enjoying a glass of wine and hoping to catch an episode of “Mad Men.” Matt is on the couch with Natalie. She has been fed and diapered, so I have no reason to feel guilty, lol.

We have a few updates to share:

1. Saturday we went to the dealership and found a car. It’s a red ’09 Corolla S. I feel as if I’m driving a rental, but I love this car.

2. Natalie’s bilirubin level decreased dramatically. It went from 14.6 to 7 in 3 days, without the use of her biliblanket. We finally get to rid ourselves of that hassle. She hated it!

Well, I’m going to catch the show now. I’ll write more when I’m less tired.

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  • Jennifer October 25, 2008 at 11:58 am

    Less tired???? Is there such a thing??

    Can’t wait to read more and see pics too as she gets bigger.

    Miss you guys.

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