4th of July Weekend

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On Thursday night Tally and I dropped Natalie off at a friend’s and headed over to the Taste of Minnesota. As far as I can remember, it’s my first time there. I always imagined there were fun and interesting foods to try there. I was a little disappointed to find, after finding parking, a long walk, waiting in line for food tickets and a wristband, and waiting in line for food that all they had to offer was Grainbelt Premium, corndogs, and other fried fare. I don’t think any of it except for the giant freezies cost less than $5.

The music almost made up for this all–I enjoyed Chevelle back in college and Tally was also excited about Staind. I got there as the band had already started but was in time to hear “The Red” so I was happy.

We woke up early to drive out to Annandale for my family reunion which is held over 4th of July weekend. As always, it was a good to see the extended family. Someone had the idea to have a canoe war this year. I’m proud to say my cousin Erik and my canoe was one of the few to still be afloat after everything was said and done. Some at the reunion were meeting Natalie for the first time and everyone loved holding her. Perry and a few others witnessed her crawl for the first time down a small hill by the lake. She has been Tutuapp APK scooting along for a week but this was the first time she did it on hand and knees.

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