Baby and Rock Band

Natalie’s due date was today but since she was a bit early she turns three weeks old tomorrow. It’s hard to believe she’s been with us only that little while, it seems like she’s been a part of the family forever. It could be because she is so darn cute, I already can’t imagine life without her. Or, maybe it’s because of all the sleepless nights I’ve had lately =).

[plogphoto id=15] [plogphoto id=11]

In other news, Tally and I ran out and bought Rock Band 2 on Tuesday. It was expensive but there are a lot of songs on there that we both like. It’s also a game that we can play together and something fun to do when friends come over. We’ve already played a few “gigs” and are on our way toward virtual fame with me as lead guitarist and Tally as the drummer. We need a singer, is anyone game?

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