Easter Weekend

I took Thursday off of work due to a bad cold. I think I’m finally starting to feel better so I’m looking forward to the rest of my long weekend. This should tide me over until our vacation to the west coast in a couple of weeks which I’m really looking forward to. I haven’t had a real vacation since probably last winter’s cruise so I’m long overdue. Our plan is to fly into Seattle, take the train to Portland to visit my grandparents, then continue on to San Francisco. Tally hasn’t been to the Northwest before and I haven’t been to Cali so we’re both going to be showing each other around. Little Natalie has grown so much since my grandparents last saw her. I’m sure they’re going to love how animated and silly she is compared to five months ago. We have a few things planned for San Francisco, but I think for one of the days we’re going to rent a car and head to wine country. One of my life goals is to take a motorcycle ride down the coastal highway but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to fit that in for this trip.

It looks like the weather is finally warming up again after teasing us with near 60 degree weather almost a month ago. Yesterday morning my mom watched Natalie while Tally and I motorcycled around the Lake Minnetonka area. We saw some beautiful lake shore, big houses, and got to take on a couple twisties. We stopped at Black’s Ford on our way home for some overpriced but tasty soups and sandwiches.

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